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Our Story

Saturday Pizza is a creation of the Artisan Restaurant Group, a family-office backed restaurant company, investing in innovative culinary brands and locations in the Gulf Coast of Florida.

The idea for Saturday Pizza is simple: bring the convenience and authenticity of NYC-style slices to Florida. New York is known for the best pizza in the country. But everyone loves a good slice!


Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese pizza

$ 22.00

Grandma Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, basil, and marinara sauce.

$ 22.00

Eggplant Parm Pizza

Fresh roasted eggplant, marinara sauce, and mozzarella.

$ 22.00

Pepperoni Pizza

The most popular pizza topping of all time.

$ 22.00

Meatball Parm Pizza

Housemade meatballs, marinara sauce, and shredded mozzarella.

$ 22.00

Sicilian Cheese Pizza

Classic deep dish loaded with mozzarella and marinara.

$ 22.00

Food Menu

Supreme Pizza

Pomodoro sauce, mozzarella cheese sweet Italian sausage, white & red onions, green bell peppers, pepperoni & mushrooms.

$ 12.00

Margherita Pizza

The original pizza from Naples Italy.

$ 12.00

Bruschetta Pizza

Garlic, balsamic drizzle, and fresh tomatoes.

$ 12.00

Drink Menu

Coca Cola

Available in single glass bottles or litres.

$ 12.00


Sparkling water.

$ 12.00

Assorted Soft Drinks

Sprite, Coke, iced tea, and lemonade.

$ 7.00

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Our Restaurant

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Our Passion

I’ve called New York City my home for over a decade. Recently my family moved to Pensacola to be closer to family and friends. We still have our place in NYC, but when we are not there we miss the food! Saturday Pizza is our endeavor to bring the food we love to the people we love in our new home on the Gulf Coast.

– Founder, Artisan Restaurant Group –

Rafael Simpson


I was born and raise in NJ, and spent 10 years living in Manhattan. I can say confidently that NYC has the best pizza in the world. Saturday Pizza is authentic and reminds me of Manhattan!

Matt B.


I moved to Pensacola for work. It was tough, because I loved NYC food, espeically the pizza! Thanks to Saturday Pizza I can enjoy the pizza I grew to love in NYC, right here in Florida.

Graham C.

NYC Native

My family and I live a gluten-free lifestyle. It’s hard to find gluten-free pizza with good crust! I’m happy to say Saturday Pizza nails it. Their gluten-free slices are delish, and the ingredients are all organic. Love!

Lauren S.